About the mortar house

((A brief summary about the Bayt Al Mouna company))


Al Mouna House Company specializes in supplying traditional food, spices, kitchen materials and kitchen utensils needed by communities and residents in Europe, importing them from their direct source in the producing countries and delivering these products at very competitive prices than currently available. are available on the market.


The mortar house also ensures that the quality of the products is high by choosing fresh and seasonal products, and we avoid storing them for long periods as they lose their normal quality and taste.


On the other hand, the idea of ​​Bait Al Mouna is to offer inexpensive and family packages for heads of large families, owners of kitchens, oriental restaurants, Arab meals from the Maghreb and other traditional meals.


Al Mouna House is a company specialized in electronic marketing, since it does not have a location on land, but rather saves its customers the trouble of buying, and gives them home delivery service anywhere in the territories of the Kingdom of Spain and Portugal, noting that the delivery service is free if the total value of the order exceeds € 50.


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((From your country to your door))